Current Endeavors

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Southern California Edison

Prestige is currently supporting SCE's Training and Exercise Program as well as the All-Hazards Planning Program.

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San Francisco Bay ARea UASI 

We are contributing to the kickoff of the Northern California Region Securing the Cities initiative in addition to supporting annual exercises.

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Southern California Gas

Currently assisting with the COVID-19 response and supporting the Training and Exercise Program. 

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San Diego Unified Port District

Prestige is supporting ongoing efforts to build a self-sustaining emergency management program.

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America's Water Infrastructure act

Prestige has several ongoing compliance projects to conduct ANSI/AWWA J-100 Risk & Resilience Assessments and develop Emergency Response Plans. 

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US Forest Service International Programs

We are the appointed Training and Exercise advisors, instructors, and curriculum developers for the countries of Mongolia and the Philippines. 

Additional projects

Youth Policy Institute Emergency Management & Injury and Illness Prevention Program Support

City of San Diego EOC Exercise Series

Stanford School of Medicine Crisis Communications Plan

County of Sacramento, Office of Emergency Services Exercise Program Support
City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, Water and Waste Water Divisions Functional Exercises Series Support
Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Point of Dispensing Exercise
Orange County Operational Area Active Shooter Drill

Pasadena Public Health EOC Tabletop Exercise
Los Angeles County Operational Area Exercise Program
Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency, Medical and Health Plan and Exercise Program Support

Los Angeles County Family Assistance Center (FAC) Project
Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council (ASNC) Great ShakeOut Full Scale Exercise
Los Angeles Urban Area RSS Warehouse Inventory Management Systems Functional Exercise
Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services Point of Dispensing Exercise, California
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Point of Dispensing Site Operations Evaluation