COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery

PA understands we are all being impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This unprecedented disaster has exposed vulnerabilities in the public and private sector. As an ongoing emergency, we want to be able to support your organization's response to ensure your organization is operating efficiently and safely and codify the necessary documentation. We also believe the after-action report building process should start immediately to be sure all current steps and adjustments are being captured allowing PA and the client to review what should be kept as a best practice and what needs to improve. Please click here for more information on how PA can support your organization during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Exercises and Training
PA has extensive experience conducting HSEEP exercises varying in scope and complexity, including: seminars, workshops, tabletops, drills, functionals, and full-scale exercises.  We have been involved in all aspects of exercise planning, including scenario development, exercise conduct, and evaluation.  Our exercises can be tailored for single or multi-agency involvement and are fully compliant with NIMS and the National Response Framework, the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation program, and SEMS (California).

Emergency Management, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery Plan Writing/Assessment/Revision
One measure of an organization's strength is its ability to respond well in an emergency. Since every scenario cannot be predicted, an emergency response plan must be able to quickly adapt to events as they unfold. Emergency plans should represent an all-hazards approach that encompasses the multitude of possible crises – from natural disasters to acts of terrorism – and should include: specific procedures to respond to, mitigate and recover from emergencies; the chain of command, crisis communication protocol, and defined roles and responsibilities for those assigned to respond in an emergency.


Emergency plans should be implemented in conjunction with other plans and policies as necessary. Evacuation, depending on the organization and the nature of the emergency, should be incorporated into planning efforts and trained to. PA provides a hands-on approach to assist our clients in the development, assessment, training and continued maintenance of their emergency response, evacuation and recovery plans.   PA ensures that each plan is specifically tailored to reflect to the unique needs of each organization.