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Full spectrum Emergency Management

  • Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation, Response, Recovery

  • Provide in-person, real-time support to your EOC staff



  • Utility emergency response consulting

  • Critical Infrastructure consulting

  • Emergency management consulting


Education and Training

  • Develop Emergency Management Courses/Curriculum and instruction

  • Create and deliver formal exercises/training

  • Serve as exercise advisors


Plan Development

  • Develop/Review/Revise Emergency Management and Continuity Plans

  • Create tailored Strategic Response Plans

  • Streamlining responses to future incidents

  • Develop recovery plan(s) to fortify resilience during future incidents

  • Develop comprehensive AAR/IP through observations made during support and evaluation

Program Development

  • Strategic business resiliency/emergency management program development


  • Resilience assessments to help you prioritize assets in case of an emergency

  • Strategic risk analysis and identification of hazards/vulnerabilities

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