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We are your trusted partners in Emergency Preparedness. Our expertise allows us to advise, develop, and train your team with the confidence and planning excellence needed for the evolving reality of disasters.


Why Us

Experts in matrixed solutions for the ever-evolving emergency preparedness industry. Led by innovative disruptors and specialists continuously seeking to modernize the traditional approach.

Problems We Solve

Improve level of preparedness for incidents that range across the entire crisis spectrum, including natural disasters, terrorist incidents, and contingency operations.

  1. Build expertise, advise and instill a sense of confidence in your staff to be prepared to handle any situation.

  2. Strengthen agency management during disasters and mitigate business impact.

  3. Reduce major downtime from natural, technological, and man-made threats and hazards.

  4. Minimize vulnerabilities to one-off incidents, black swan events, and disruptive threats.

  5. Recover quickly to at least pre-disaster condition of well-being.

Overview of Capabilities + Skills

  • 100+ years of combined expertise in the full spectrum of Emergency Management with key experience in the utilities sector, becoming the vendor of choice for California’s largest utility providers.

  • 500+ exercises designed and delivered at the local, State and Federal level, as well as internationally and for the private sector.

  • 3 AWIA Utility Risk and Resilience-Certified Subject Matter Experts

  • All staff members are HSEEP certified and skilled in curriculum development, planning, designing and conducting training and exercises to help prepare responders for real events

  • Our lean organizational structure gives us the agility to easily adapt to changing environments, mobilize quickly and focus on actions necessary to ensure the safety of your assets.

Our Methodology

  • A relationship-first approach: to understand the specifics of your organization and get to know your needs as a whole, enabling us to create tailored solutions to meet your unique challenges.

  • A hands-on approach: to guide you, every step of the way, in the development, assessment, training and continued maintenance of your emergency response, evacuation and recovery plans.

  • A team approach: to become an extension of your staff by working closely with your team to enhance collaboration, communication, trust, and gain a true front-line perspective ensuring successful execution of the plans and programs developed.

  • A responsive and proactive approach: to help us rapidly understand any situation, diagnose the problem, anticipate any future issues and provide you with not only the best solution but also the best customer service.

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